I have been very open about sharing my pole journey. I am so proud of how far I have come. The love and support I receive is amazing. However, those same women who praise me follow up with: “I could never do that.” “Maybe when I lose weight, I am too big.” Or “I am too old.” I used to be that woman who could see beauty, strength, and courage in everyone but myself. Now it hurts my heart to see such amazing women hold themselves back because they fail to see they are enough just as they are. 

We tend to place these limiting beliefs on ourselves because, ultimately, we are afraid we won’t meet our own expectations. We develop excuses on why we couldn’t or shouldn’t try something instead of facing our fears. People tend to look at where I am at now on this journey and think they couldn’t possibly do what I do. What they don’t realize is I once thought that too. When I was a beginner, I was amazed at seeing the women in intermediate climb to the top of the pole. Then when I was in intermediate, I was astonished watching inverts. Those on the outside looking in don’t see the strategically guided classes that encouraged us to grow to this point. Nor do they see the struggles. 

When I started, I was insecure, not happy with my weight, and not very strong. Less than a year into it, I had a procedure done that caused me to be in worse shape than when I first started. I felt defeated, and I struggled mentally knowing where I should be at, but physically I couldn’t get there yet. I kept at it knowing all it takes is consistency and growth. That is what I want to remind women who don’t think they can do it. You just have to start; consistency will help you grow along the way. 

I was talking to a couple of men recently about my workout. They started asking questions about what it’s like and what kind of women join. The beauty of aerial arts is it is for all people, no matter their size, shape, ability, or age. When they asked about the age range and if they’re capable of doing what I do? My face lit up, I couldn’t help but smile as I shared with them “There are women in their 50s and 60s, who are complete bad asses, and I hope when I reach their age I am too.”