It’s a new year and it’s so easy to make goals for yourself for the year on paper. The hard part however is working hard and actually achieving those goals. 

One way to make sure that you work on your goals is to find someone to hold you accountable! Maybe they have their own goals and you can both encourage each other and help each other remember to work on their goals.

When you are making goals for your pole and aerial journey start small! Your end goal can be an amazing trick or combo that you want to get but start with the building blocks for what you want. You will be much more likely to achieve your big goal when you use smaller ones to get there rather than jumping to the big one. Conditioning is awesome for building up to the moves you want so be sure to make that part of your goals. 

Keep track of your progress! It will help you see how much you can accomplish if you set your mind to it. Plus if you have someone to help hold you accountable then you have proof that you have been working on everything.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many goals either. You can always make new ones after you get your end result. Burning yourself out with a large amount of small goals definitely won’t help you in the long run. 

Make sure you are setting and achieving goals for you!!