A New You?

This is a phrase you hear so often around this time of year. A New Year, A New You! Does anyone else feel that this phrase is a bunch of B.S.? This phrase makes me think and feel that the person I am is not enough. That I need to change who I am to become someone new to fit in. Well guess what world! I am me! I might not like all aspects of myself, but I wouldn’t want to become a whole new person. It took me long while to be comfortable in my own skin and to love the person I am, so why would I want to start a whole new me?
I know that A New Year, A New You, is meant to inspire those who want to make a change or to start a new. For many a new year is what it takes, but for others it is a reminder that they aren’t enough. I am here to tell you that you are enough. In this New Year, you do not have to become a whole new person. The person you are is an exquisite, unique, beautiful individual. As we move into this new year, set goals for yourself for self care, self discovery, and to find who you truly are.
Does this mean that you embark on journey to lose weight? It could be. Does it mean that you set aside time this year to read all of the books you’ve been longing to? It could be. All I ask of you in this new year, is not to lose who you are as you begin to build the new you. Some parts of you are already amazing, don’t lose sight of those parts.

A New Year, A Better You!

If it were up to me, this would be the only phrase you would see at this time of year. A new year should not be about finding a new you, but becoming a better version of you. We all discover new things about ourselves and that is amazing. That is part of our journey in this life. We are here to continue to grow and change as we need to, not because our backwards society tells us that the New Year is the time to do so. There are no easy steps to creating a better you, but one good place to start is to reflect. Reflect on yourself and what you did this last year. What did you love and what did you hate? If you need place to start with finding a new part of yourself, Aerial Dance is offering a magnificent program starting in a few weeks. It is called the Self Discovery Journey.
This New Year, I am going to continue to work on self care and self love. If I do not love myself, I cannot love others with my full ability. As you celebrate the next few days, remember that you are beautiful. You are strong. You have a full community of women at Aerial Dance who are here to support you on all of the new journeys 2019 will bring.
Happy New Year My Amazing Pole/Aerial Sisters!