It’s a brand new year!  Time to make that New Year’s resolution! A few resolution chart toppers are: losing weight, eating better, saving more money, or traveling more! Can we be real for a moment? Those all sound fine and dandy, but for how long? I am not trying to degrade anyone who has made a resolution like that, but I am just too honest with myself to know I won’t stick to it. So for me a New Year’s resolution has taken on a new meaning.
This year, my resolution is not on the traditional side as resolutions go. Of course, I want to stay healthy and active, but that’s not the most important for me. This year’s resolution will be to continue to grow and change as a person. The end of 2016 and all of 2017 brought fourth a positive change in me that I couldn’t have possibly imagined. The changes I made helped me to learn more about myself and how to make my own self happy. Granted there are still days where I get down in a rut and can’t get out, but that’s why I chose this resolution. I want to continue to learn about myself, because how can I present the best version of myself to my family, significant other, friends, and my students if I am not constantly growing and changing. Resolutions are about goals! A resolution can be a a cumbersome commitment for some, if you agree, then maybe your resolution should be to start small. Make your resolution fit what you really need. It is not written in stone, and you can do it!

Remember each person is different and has different goals! FIND YOURS!

With a New Year Comes New Challenges!

As many of you know the Minnesota Regional Amateur Pole Competitions and Exhibition Showcases are January 19 & 20! What some of you may not know is that Aerial Dance Pole Exercise is making an appearance on many competition levels from students to instructors! Instructor Lynn and Olivia will be competing and Instructors Chrissy and Kim will be judging!  Our lovely owner will be judging as well! Students: Natalie, Stacy and Veronica will also be representing Aerial Dance in the competition! Student Natalie competed in Chicago last year! WOO HOO! GO LADIES!


I absolutely cannot wait to attend! The competition was amazing last year, but this year it brings me so much joy to be able to go and support even more fellow polers! Never been to a competition before and are interested? There is still time to order tickets! If looking for a place to stay is a concern, I have used AirBNB several times to attend pole competitions! It is a really great and affordable way to travel. Let’s come together as a pole community to support our lovely ladies on their journey!

Happy New Year Everyone!
Until Next Time,