I talked about starting aerial dance for about a year now and finally grew the motivation when my friends chimed in and said we should start. Even when they chimed in, we are all so busy it took us 3-4 months to finally plan it out. I’m glad we can schedule our classes and practices whenever works for us and have the choice between the Green Bay and Appleton locations. 

One of the best things about Aerial Dance is that there are two studios and you can change your class times or dates. With the snow coming you can plan and check which dates work best for you. The Green Bay studio may be smaller, but it still gives off the same aura as the Appleton one.

The feeling of walking into class and getting greeted with a smile every time is the best feeling in the world. I work 12’s before classes so I usually don’t walk in happy, but it’s easy to leave everything at the door. No matter which instructor you have they always have a positive mindset. They can tell when you’re struggling and give you options on how you can better yourself/ achieve the move you are working on. You can tell that the instructors want the best for you. Even if they aren’t teaching your class and they walk by, if they see you struggling they will help.

To me, aerial class is my getaway from the stressful things in life. It’s an easy way to exercise and help tone my body. I’ve gone to the gym for over a year now and just from these past 10 weeks my body looks soooo toned and I feel great. Plus, the friends I’ve gained from class and it all seems like we are a sisterhood. If we have questions we ask each other and we are always hyping and helping each other out. I can’t wait to see where intermediate takes me.