When I first started writing this, it was March 11th, and today it is April 15th. I had intended to write about how the beginning of 2019 was for me, but now it’s vaguely hard to remember given everything that’s gone down now. Though, I can start from the end of 2019 or just start from what I do remember and go from there. What I do remember, was missing dance in my life again. Missing being active, not active with the kiddos at my job, but working out active and dance active. I actually starting to feel like dancing again. I felt the need to move and get active again. But not being able to afford to take any classes or go to any gyms as my husband and I lived paycheck to paycheck oddly enough, even though he had a pretty decent job and by all accounts we should have been fine. And we were; we were making things work for us. Started doing a little better financially. So, fast forward to December 2019 my husband lost his job (not the worst thing in the world), things got tight and a little weird as we didn’t tell anyone till after all of the Holidays. Then, someone dear to my circle was tragically taken from us- life seemed weird yet again. But we remembered that this person loved life and was trying to live it to the fullest and such. And that it was time for me to try something new. So when I saw that Aerial Dance was having an Open House (and having signed up once before but forgetting to go), I signed up to go to the Open House in January 2020 (yet again, but actually going this time), as I thought ‘Why not?! It’s been something I’ve wanted to try to a while now but never gave the time for it. So when I went in, it was another different world. But a world both fun and laid back at the same time. It was an experience. A very fun, didn’t have many words to describe at the time fun adventure on my part. And I finally allowed myself to adventure and try something new and fun. And I did love it. So I signed up for Pole classes at the Open House in the end. In a way it has helped build me up on the outside as well as on the inside. It’s helped build my muscles and has made me a bit stronger (which is what I wanted). And it has also built up my confidence in myself as well (which has helped so much)! I had found a place that was helping build me up, and it was lovely.