I’ll never forget the day when I was invited by a friend to try pole at aerial dance. “There is no way that’s for me!” “I dont have the body of a dancer!” “I don’t have the strength needed to hold myself up in the air!” There were so many reasons why it was not for me but I gave it a shot anyway. I figured it was only 8 weeks, one night a week. I’ll admit I struggled a lot in the beginning. My self confidence got in my way a lot and I even missed a few classes my first term because of it. 

But I stuck it out and ended up signing up for another term! At that point i started getting curious as to the other types of classes offered at Aerial Dance and I bought a 5 pack of classes. I used all 5 classes in less than 2 weeks. 

Fast forward to today (almost 4 years later) and I’m beyond glad that I made the decision to try something new! Before Aerial Dance I was going to a gym a few times a week and I wasn’t seeing any progress and I wasn’t really enjoying myself. Less than a year after starting Aerial Dance I quit the gym and just work out at home and at the studio. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with the gym, but I’ve never had a more enjoyable place to workout in my life! If you ever wanted to try something new but are afraid of it don’t be! Give it a try and be ready to be amazed by all the things your body is capable of!