I have always wanted to try a pole class, but was worried about what my family and some of my friends would say.  When I first told people I was doing a class they would giggle and ask if I was going to get a pole installed in the bedroom.  Also, if you knew me you would know that I am not a graceful human being.  My middle name should not have been Grace! I am very uncoordinated and clumsy. 

My journey to pole began before I got married in September of 2021.  My maid of honor asked me to give her some ideas for my bachelorette party.  I thought that it would be fun for us all to take a pole class as a group, but not all of the girls were on board with that idea.  Instead they decided to gift me an eight week term for beginner pole.  

I am not one to do things by myself so needless to say I was a little bit weary of my first class, going in alone and a little bit blind. I do not know many people down here in Wisconsin as I am originally from Upper Michigan.  It is hard/weird to make friends in your thirties. I went to my first class in March of 2022. I felt like Bambi learning how to walk, but was thankful that all of the other girls were starting from square one, and that we were all in this together.  I was definitely out of my comfort zone!  I thought the tricks and routines would be easy, but boy was I wrong!  There are so many other components that go into this type of exercise. Just to do the strut was out of my repertoire.  During this first part of my journey, I learned to push and challenge myself in every class.  

This was something I never thought I would actually get the chance to do in this lifetime.  It has given me confidence as a woman and building upper body strength is pretty cool too!  Exercising has never been something I could stick with, because I would get discouraged and quit from not seeing results.  When I left my first class, I felt awesome and I was so excited.  I suffer from depression and anxiety, but walking through those doors it’s like everything just disappears for those fifty minutes.  This is by far the best exercise I have done, and guess what? IT IS SO EASY TO STICK WITH, even on the rough days.  We all have to start from somewhere right?  My journey is only just beginning!