This week I decided to switch things up again and I decided to try out hammock!  I was surprised how different it is than the hoop and pole that I have been working on lately. It felt like I was using totally different muscles.  This seemed really relaxing to me though because this class was much more yoga and aerobic type to me than the high paced heart racing that I was used to.  I really enjoyed the difference and think I may actually start using this class as a part of my workout routine to gain strength as well as flexibility without having to get so hot and sweaty all the time. 

It is still a lot of work and still makes you gain strength but I feel like its slower paced and a bit more calming which was a really great way to change things up for me and to wind down for the day.  I enjoyed the calmer music and the instructor was also great to work with and super patient and willing to help me learn in this type of class as well. 

I was really glad that I decided to make the move and try something new that I had not tried before.  All the ladies in this class were super great to work with as well and I had such a great experience on something I wasn’t sure if I was going to like or do well with at all.  I definitely will be doing this class again and I am actually excited about it!

I gained a lot of flexibility in this class and it really helped me to understand how to stretch properly and without doing any harm to your body when you warm up for exercises.  I am super excited to see how much more flexible I can get from this class and learn to take it into my pole classes as well!

I liked how calming the atmosphere was in this class. At the end we all sat around and talked about what we liked that day in class and what we were working on.  It helped me get a feel of where everyone is at with what they are working on and what the next steps would be for me to get there as well! Thanks to this whole team for being so accommodating to me and making me feel so welcome here once again! 

Hammock is such a versatile apparatus! Come try Hammock Fit, Aerial Yoga, or Beginner Hammock today!