As many of you know it is with a heavy heart that Instructor Meegan has decided to leave Aerial Dance. Not only is Meegan an instructor for Aerial Dance, she is also a mother, teacher, and working on a Graduate Program. She is an amazingly strong woman. I would like to take the time to share with you some of my very favorite memories of working with Instructor Meegan.
I started my journey with Aerial Dance three years ago. Instructor Meegan was in the final stages of becoming an instructor. She was shadowing classes getting ready to teach her own.  I remember being in my first intermediate class, we were working on shoulder engagement by sitting on the floor in a straddle, attempting pull ups. I could not even get my butt off the floor. Instructor Meegan was demonstrating the proper way to engage your shoulders, she said, “Even if you can’t do it today, someday you’ll be able to do this!” She then proceeded to climb up the pole using just her arms while in a straddle sit, not once did her legs come on to the pole. At that moment my jaw dropped and I was convinced that Instructor Meegan was Superwoman!
As I got to know Instructor Meegan better, it became very apparent that not only was she passionate about pole fitness, she was passionate about all of her students. There were many times while in class that a student would be struggling and she would wrack her brain until she could come up with an alternative way to try and help the student accomplish the move, spin, or combo. You could tell that it was important for Instructor Meegan to help her student’s reach their goals as it brought just as much joy to her as it did her students.
It is because of Instructor Meegan that I am able to do Cupid and a Double Knee hold. One day while at practice I was struggling to get proper hip placement to hold those moves. She came up behind me and said, “You are not thrusting your hips forward enough.” I looked at her like “This is the best that I can do lady”…… Meegan just smiled and said, “Don’t mind my hands.” She grabbed my hips a shoved them forward. At that moment the light bulb clicked on. It wasn’t for some time that I was actually able to let go of the pole in those moves, but it is crazy to think that I almost skipped out on practice that day. I’d probably still be struggling.
This past year was my first time performing in the Aerial Dance Christmas show. I had the honor and the privilege to work with Instructor Meegan, as she created the routine for Jukebox Hero/I Love Rock and Roll. In the video below you can see a snippet of Instructor Meegan in action, teaching us part of the Christmas Show routine! Meegan was an amazing instructor to have for my first time being in the show. I don’t want to say that she held my hand throughout the whole journey, but then I’d be lying. When I let nerves get the best of me she was right there to help calm them and to help me refocus. Meegan and my Christmas show group made the Christmas Show a wonderful experience and I will be performing again next year!

Not only is Meegan a phenomenal instructor, she is an amazing person on the inside as well. She cares for people on deeper level. She knows when you are not yourself and reaches out to let you know that you are not alone. Meegan has helped me through a lot of my own personal struggles in the past year. She has reminded me time and time again, that I am a strong person and I can overcome my struggles and when times get tough she is a shoulder that I can lean on.

Sorry Meegan… I need better pictures of you and I. I did the best I could with what I have.

I can’t give enough thank yous or even have all the right words to express how much Instructor Meegan has influenced and inspired me along the way. Like Instructor Meegan I too am a teacher, she has shown me that no matter how much life throws at you that you are strong enough to overcome it.
Life is a winding road with lots of ups, downs, and bumps along the way. At this point in Instructor Meegan’s journey her path has taken a turn away from Aerial Dance, with hope, love and good faith maybe some day her path will curve back to Aerial Dance when the time is right. Until that time, it’s farewell, but not good bye.
Instructor Meegan please know that you are so very loved by everyone in the Aerial Dance community. We will miss you so very much. May God bless you in all of your future endeavors.
I will be forever grateful to have met an extraordinary woman like you,