Christmas Show!

How on earth is it already the end of November!!!! I feel like we just started planning and prepping for the Christmas Show! Now we are only 23 days away from this amazing production! The Mambo #5 routine is coming along great! We have been busting our butts at practice! We finally have our tricks nailed down and most of the choreography! Now, if I can stay healthy and uninjured, it should be smooth sailing. We are at the point in time to clean up our routine and actually practice on performing it! Rather than just running through the routine. After all people come to see a show, not robots moving through the motions. We are also working on picking out our costumes! Here are some sneak peaks to our routine tricks! We are pretty pumped to preform at the show!



Oh yes, yes, we did go full circle! Hi Leah!

Christmas Show Tips

If you haven’t been following the ADPE Facebook page, you really need to catch yourself up! Paula and the instructors are full of tips to help prepare you physically and mentally for the Christmas Show! I am sure to keep up to date with the page to stay in the know for the show.
As you prepare for the show there are a few things you need to keep in mind. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! Keep your eyes on the schedule for practice times that have your instructor for your routine! This could mean bonus time with them! Don’t miss out!  I am sure that you have heard Owner Paula say this 100 times over, but run your routine! Not only run your routine by actually doing it, run it in your mind.
Play your song and VISUALIZE what moves you will be doing and when! This will help reduce your stress, as you will become more and more comfortable with your routine.  Last year, visualizing my routine was my saving grace. I can’t count out steps to save my life. I am however able to connect certain moves, tricks, and spins to certain parts in the song. The more your prepared, the more relaxed you will be the day of the show. Most importantly remember to visualize success! Visualize yourself successfully completely your routine each time and you will increase the number of times that your routine goes well!

Your Time to Shine

Don’t forget to have fun! The Christmas Show brings with it a lot of stress! From planning the routine, to learning it, to deciding on costumes! The Christmas Show is meant to bring students and instructors together! So,remember to laugh when needed, reach out for help, and enjoy the process! Who knows! You may love the Christmas show so much that it sparks a light in you to compete! This is an opportunity meant for you to share your love of aerial sports with friends and family! Go out there and shine!  You had enough courage to take the chance! You are beautiful and unstoppable! Now knock that audience’s lights out!
Until Next Time!