Fitness classes at Aerial Dance will give you a killer workout and will boost your pole and aerial skills! Class curricula change daily so there is always a new challenge and exciting workout. No matter which style of fitness class you choose to take, you will gain functional strength. All fitness classes are 50 minutes long and can be taken a single time; there are no set course lengths for fitness classes, take classes whenever they fit your schedule, as often as you like. We recommend taking a fitness class twice per week in addition to your pole and aerial class for optimal results.

A single class costs $29, purchase a 5-pack of classes for $125 or become a Fitness Member or ELITE Member for great savings.


Fitness Fundamentals

Get strong and toned while improving your functional strength and shoulder stability. Each class is designed specifically for those registered so this small group personal training means you’ll never have the same workout twice. FUN is in the name for a reason as you improve your overall fitness using multiple tools including stall bars, stability balls, kettlebells, and/or resistance bands. Make your aerial tricks effortless by increasing your strength!


Use an Aerial Hammock to gain strength and flexibility. With elements of “Aerial Yoga” and “TRX” this fantastic workout improves balance and increases muscle tone. No Prerequisites!


Get STRONG using the Pole! This fitness class is open to ALL LEVELS, including drop-ins. Sweat through a workout that focuses on the main pole grips and building incredible strength towards your Flags, Iron X and other “power pole” tricks. You can add ankle weights, ummm, we mean heels, for this class. This techniques class will help you build functional strength on and off the pole.​


This low impact, high energy class will get your heart pumping. Sweat out calories, tone your body, and increase your strength! Use your own pole the entire hour to tone your abs, butt, and legs with the aid of resistance bands and new movements every week in this class you’ll love to burn through.


Drop into a class for $29!
Purchase a 5 pack of drop-in classes for $125 to be used within 6 months from the purchase date.
These classes are included in Fitness and Elite Memberships!

Booking Terms & Conditions

By registering for a class you are signing up you agree to pay the cost of the class as listed at checkout. There is no sharing, exchanging, or refunds of purchases. If you need to reschedule your class, cancel with 4 hours notice to be eligible to reschedule. Classes canceled after the 4 hour cancelation window are subject to a late cancel fee.

Learn how to cancel and reschedule a class here!


Appleton Studio

1871 N. Silver Spring Drive
Appleton, WI 54913

Green Bay Studio

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