We are so glad you’re continuing your pole journey with us! In Intermediate Pole you will gain strength, learn a bunch of new spins and climb the pole. Below is important information to help you get the most from your membership.


Just as with your Beginner class, you get 8 practices to use during the 8-week term for your Intermediate class. In an ideal world you’d use one per week, but schedules are always crazy and so just try to use as many as you can before the term ends, however your schedule allows. Log-in on the app or online booking site to register for a practice before attending.

  • Pole Practice. This is a practice where the studio is open and an instructor is there to answer questions. Pair up with another Beginner student to remind each other what you learned. Grab your card and watch your videos on the app to practice at your own pace. Ask the instructor questions when you need.
  • Pole Practice (INT Semi Private). When you see a class level (INT, ADV 1, ADV 2, EXT) and the words “semi private” after a Pole Practice this means that there were open poles in that class level and students can register to practice independently during this time or follow along with that level class. Sign up for “(INT Semi Private)” to follow along with an intermediate class or any of the others to practice independently.
  • Beginner Pole Practice. If you want to review Beginner Pole and follow along with a Beginner class you can sign-up for these practices, but it isn’t recommended for Intermediate students until later in the term.

Practice times are added frequently throughout the week as registeration changes, so check your app often and sign up for practices as the become available.

Moving Up To Advance

Intermediate Pole is designed to be taken a MINIMUM of two terms. Many women take Intermediate Pole for multiple terms, some for a year, so don’t feel you’re in a rush. The goal in Intermediate is build the strength to feel comfortable going upside when you get to advance. Here’s what we look for when advancing a student from Intermediate to Advanced 1.

Cross Train

Aerial Dance has so much to offer besides your Intermediate Pole Class. If you’re looking for more Pole, sign up for Pole Flow, Vertical Barre or Pole Spins! All of these use the pole for workouts that will complement your class. If you haven’t tried Aerial yet, flying will also help your pole journey. Lastly, we do have a full compliment of Fitness, Dance & Flexibility classes to help you reach your goals so buy a 5-pack and come sporadically or upgrade to Elite Membership to have unlimited access. Any remaining weeks of your Pole course will be credited to your first month of Elite Membership. Email us to upgrade at any time!


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