Join the Aerial Dance Competition Team by creating your own package! Select the items you’d like included in your package and we will process them with the correct discount in MindBody on your account. Each item has credit towards great discounts. 5+ credits = 5% discount; 10+ credits = 10%.

If you would like to pay via payment plan, please make sure to fill out that section on this form otherwise your credit card on file will be charge the full package amount.

  • Create your own package

    Join the Aerial Dance Competition Team by creating your own package! Select the items you'd like included in your package and we will process them with the correct discount on to your account. 5+ items = 5% discount; 10+ items = 10%

  • 1. Your Contact Information

  • 2. Purchase Novice Package

  • Cost: $350
    Competition Team Credits: 6
    The Novice Package costs $350, counts as 6 credits toward future discounts, and includes:
    • One Edit Song, song choice must have “clean” edit points
    • Two one-hour Choreography Lessons
    • Two one-hour lesson for competition preparation
    • One Judging critique lesson with video playback
  • 3. Choreography Help & Private Lessons

  • Cost: $395 Competition Team Credits: 3
    • Have an instructor write your entire routine
    • 30-minute initial meet
    • 2-3 weeks for instructor to choreograph
    • Written out routine
    • 90 minute and 60 minute lessons to learn choreography
  • Cost: $80 each Competition Team Credits: 1
    Send up to 30 seconds of your song to instructor one week before with request for choreography ideas.
  • Cost: $65 each Competition Team Credits: 1
    No preplanning but includes choreograph and trick sequencing at the lesson.
  • 4. Purchase Judging Critique Lessons

  • Cost: $100 Competition Team Credits: 1 Go through your routine second-by-second with judge to understand possible deductions, and find areas for improvement .
  • 5. Training & Personal Training Options

  • Cost: $285 Competition Team Credits: 2
    A one month training program with:
    • Specific exercises for your overall pole goals
    • A detailed plan for your specific routine tricks
    • A second meeting to assess progress and make changes to program, with second month detail training guide
  • Cost: $75 Competition Team Credits: 1
    One meeting and personalized strength training plan to increase overall pole ability.
  • 45-minute sessions with a personal trainer working on off apparatus conditioning that will increase your strength and stamina on the pole.
  • 6. Nutrition

  • Cost: $125 Competition Team Credits: 1
    A personalized plan for healthy eating, maximum energy, and improved body composition
  • Cost: $325 Competition Team Credits: 2
    The nutrition assessment with a four week specific meal plan including four macro calculation updates and meal plan adjustments.

Questions about Competing!

Does the packages cover my competition entry fees?

No! You will still need to register yourself for whatever competition you wish to enter. If you aren’t sure, we’ll talk about that at our “introductory meeting”!

Do I need to purchase a competition package to compete?

No. You can compete at any time at any competition you desire. You can purchase single private lessons if you need extra help at our usual pricing. Our “Competition Team” just makes it easier for you to compete by having a plan in place, saving you money and providing you with the full support of Aerial Dance!

What are "Competition Team Practices & Events"?

We will be scheduling events just to help our competition team members prepare. For example, leading up to competitions we’ll have practices just for team members to run their routines for mini audiences. There are many things planned to help team members prepare and feel successful on stage! 🙂

If I'm competing but not "on the team" can I attend Team events?

No. All “competition team events” will only be open to ladies who are currently on the team! Team membership requires the purchase of a current Novice or Create Your Own Package.

Can I purchase this just for discounted private lessons?

No. These packages are designed with an end goal in mind. All lesson topics will be centered around creating a competition routine. If you wish to take private lessons and not compete, please purchase one of our private lesson packages.

These lessons also often will have access to two poles, specifically set up like the competition you are entering so are not meant for general lessons.

When does the package expire?

When you attend your “intro” meeting you will declare which competition you are registering for. Competition packages expire after the date of that competition or after 6 months.

What if I withdraw from the competition?

There are no refunds on packages so if you decide not to continue your competition journey you will forfeit the package costs.

I want to do doubles, do we both need a package?

No! You can split the “Novice Package” between you. But the payments will all go on one account and all the lessons will need to be scheduled under that account. You can share the cost of the package but all your lessons will need both of you at them!

How much choreographing do I have to do?

That is entirely up to you! You can purchase the option of full choreography, 30 seconds of ideas or just ideas at your lesson. Select the type of lesson from the package option that gives you the amount of help you want. If you purchase the Novice package it comes with two 30-seconds of choreography ideas lessons.

What is a "judging critique lesson"?

At your “judging critique” you’ll perform your routine like you would on stage and one of our experienced Pole Judges will video it. Then after your performance the two of you will go through it frame by frame to break it down and discuss ways to improve. This should be down 2-3 weeks before the competition for maximum benefit.

What does "clean edit points" mean for the song?

In order for your song to be edited the places you choose to have it cut need to line up and make musical sense. If you’re not sure, Paula will work with you to get your song the proper length.

Do I have to pay for the entire package right now?

No. You can pay for your competition package in installments. To do so, register at the desk or by emailing us. If you want to purchase it online, you will need to pay in full at the time of booking.