Join Aerial Dance & Sitawi Life Coaching for a 6-week women’s empowerment series.   Each week there will be expert speakers presenting on the focus topic. Use the challenge workbook provided to implement the concepts presented through take home exercises and weekly follow-up. Start the new year with tools, resources and a support structure to understand yourself a little deeper and enhance your overall life experience. For women over 18.

All sessions will be held at Aerial Dance in Appleton. Sessions are on Sundays and run from 2pm until 3:30pm.

Session Topics

  • January 13 – Intention Setting, Establishing Your Starting Point, Commitment Tools & Self Care
  • January 20 – Fitness & Longevity
  • January 27 – Nutrition & Supplements
  • February 3 – Anxiety, Trauma & Mental Wellness
  • February 10 – Financial Empowerment
  • February 17 – Productivity, Accountability & Integration
  • February 24 – Bonus week – Series Completion Celebration

See the timeline below to learn more about the sessions!



Pay only $149 now through January 10th!

Regular Price: $349

Includes – All sessions with speakers, a challenge workbook for the series with take home and ongoing study materials, and package of 12 aerial, flexibility & conditioning classes at either Aerial Dance to use during the series!

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If you are in need of this material but unable to pay the registration fee, contact Paula for scholarship application information.

WEEK 1 - JANUARY 13: Intention Setting, Establishing Your Starting Point, Commitment Tools & Self Care

Set your foundation and intention for this 6-week journey of self-discovery & empowerment

In this foundation setting session, we will spend some time getting clear on your intention for this series and this year of your life (what do you REALLY want and why?), invite you into some forgiveness for not being where ever you think you “should” be right now in your life, and create an honest foundation from which to begin this series, one that centers on a loving relationship to YOU, exactly as you are today.

with Sarah Crawford & Dr. Paula Brusky

WEEK 2 - JANUARY 20: Fitness & Longevity - The science of aging & exercise


Your amazing body has gone through billions of years of evolution to give you optimal health. But conditions have changed, we are no longer walking miles to hunt for food and going to the gym isn’t going to make up for that unless you train smarter. In this session, we’ll talk about the energy systems of the body, how exercise triggers reactions in the body and what you need to focus on in your workouts to obtain maximum results.

with Dr. Paula Brusky


Understand what quality movement is and how each person can make exercise obtainable, no matter where they are in skill level. There is a lot of information out there on specific exercises and training regimens that may make it intimidating or confusing on where to start. There is a realistic way to make exercise fit in your life regardless of age, skill level, time or financial status!

with Dan Wierzba

WEEK 3 - JANUARY 27: Nutrition & Supplements - Understand how nutrition can bring about major physical and emotional changes.


Targeted for women who may struggle with self-care through healthy eating, come join us as we learn some practical healthy eating tips! You’ll walk away with some recipes & ideas on places to start or ideas to keep you going on your nutritional health journey. We’ll cove whole foods that aren’t just a diet fad, and some of the key benefits to healthy eating!

with Anna Brayton


Stress is everywhere; our hectic lifestyles, food, environment… How equipped are we to handle it? Our bodies love homeostasis-balance. We will discuss the biochemical patterns of stress and how they may affect us. Most importantly, we will talk on how much control we can have of our health – even when living stress-free is not an option.

with Stacey Menheer

WEEK 4 - FEBRUARY 3: Anxiety, Trauma & Mental Wellness - Bring your mind into a space of kindness and healing


We have choices, and the energy we choose to be in drives those choices. Raise your awareness about what you are dealing with and receive a quantifiable understanding of the level of energy from which you can choose to manage it. We all have problems, not one of us can come into this life without them. Learning how to be more aware of what is happening to you and why, while maintaining a high level of emotional energy around whatever problem you are battling, is the key to getting through to the other side of any adversity.

with Carin LaCount


An anxious mind can have power over our physical body – our heart and soul – if we let it.  If you have anxiety, you may understand this all too well. This session will shed light on anxiety and the impact it can have on our physical and emotional well-being. Lisa will share the concept of self-awareness and how better alignment with our true nature will reduce anxiety. Learn about simple self-care techniques which can help you gently explore anxiety to reduce the power it has over you and gain clarity on what your heart wants in this life.  Living a less anxious life is possible!

with Lisa Klarner


When people hear the term mental health, they generally think of either the stigma of mental illness or start contemplating how to take a mental health day off from work. Mental Health, however, can be broadened and viewed as a long continuum ranging from Mental Illness to Mental Wellness. We, as a society, continue to work to demystify and destigmatize mental illness but we often treat mental wellness like a luxury. Words like “self-care” invoke images of bubble baths, pedicures and girlfriend get-aways. What happens when we make mental wellness a part of our every day routine the same as brushing our teeth for physical wellness? What would it be like to tune in and attend to our mental wellness as much as we attend to our relationships with others? Join me as we examine the continuum of mental health and build practical tools to employ in everyday life to continue working toward strong mental wellness.

with Jodi L Huebner, MA, LPC

WEEK 5 - FEBRUARY 10: Financial Empowerment - Feeling confident in your money now and in the future


Like any healthy relationship, developing a thriving relationship with your money requires attention and care. Cultivating and sustaining this relationship through simple daily actions leads to building wealth over time, and anyone can do it! This presentation will share practical actions and inspiration to help you establish an empowering, healthy, and prosperous relationship with your money. It will include actionable ideas that you can implement in small amounts of time every day to help you become more financially literate, begin building wealth, and feel empowered and in control of your finances and life. Creating wealth starts now!

with Holly Tuyls


What are your goals for the future and how do you plan on having the money available to pay for them?  Together we will discuss how to ensure successful chapters at the conclusion of your story by starting with the end in mind.  Be prepared to actively discuss your goals and learn strategies to optimize your success and avoid the financial pitfalls along the way.

with Jeremy Van Groll

WEEK 6 - FEBRUARY 17: Productivity, Accountability & Integration

Create a winnable game to implement the new wellness tools, options and awareness into your own unique lifestyle

Wellness is a journey, not a destination.  Now that you have new tools, options and awareness around wellness, how do you integrate this into your own unique lifestyle in a way that actually works, not overwhelms?  We will re-visit your vision and your Why, look at your pattern of self-sabotage (we all do it) and what’s driving that and together create a new possibility and plan to support what’s next for you.

with Sarah Crawford

BONUS WEEK - FEBRUARY 24: Series Completion Party

Join the women of Aerial Dance for a party celebrating “month of love” and participating in self-expression games and dances.



Sitawi Life Coaching, LLC

Sarah Crawford of Sitawi Life Coaching, LLC has been coaching in private practice for 6 years, providing services to individuals and groups throughout the United States and abroad. Through intuitive coaching, retreats, and Self-Care workshops for Caregivers and Perfectionists, she creates space for sensitive souls to access their inner muse and true power, to move beyond what stops them, and to live a fulfilling life of inner peace, holistic wellness and meaningful contribution. In 2015, along with several other holistic practitioners, she co-created Lawe Street Wellness, a holistic wellness center serving the mind, body and spirit.  Additionally, she co-founded Transformational Leadership Experience (TLE), a group coaching company for entrepreneurs and leaders.  Prior to coaching, she spent 8 years in crisis based work and program management for youth and families through non-profit organizations.


Aerial Dance

Dr. Paula Brusky is the founder of Aerial Dance in Appleton & Green Bay, Wisconsin. Paula was introduced to Pole Exercise in 2007 in Sydney Australia. A recipient of the Endeavor Postgraduate Research Award, Paula’s Ph.D. at the University of Sydney focused on musician health and injury prevention in the upper extremities through strength training and stretching. Her extensive knowledge base made her a sought-after international guest lecturer having spoken at over 21 universities around the USA. Paula left her college teaching position in 2014 to focus on Aerial Dance and improving teaching methods in the aerial arts. Paula sat on the board of the US Pole Sports Federation as the Education Director and is judge and judge trainer for international pole competitions.