YES! If you are interested in trying Pole Exercise before committing to an 8-week course, sign-up for an “Intro To Pole” class! This one-hour class will give you a taste  of Pole Exercise. The cost of the class is $25 and if you then sign-up for an 8-week course we’ll give you a $25 credit towards your course registeration. See upcoming class time options and reserve your spot online!

Aerial Dance understands busy schedules! We offer a very flexibly make-up policy. If you need to miss a class cancel via the online system or app at least 4 hour before the class start time. Then choose a class with an open pole, of a similar or lower level, that suits your schedule to make it up. You are always welcome to attend a practice to get caught-up.

In short, you have 8-weeks to get in all your 8 classes and 8 practices however it works best for your schedule.

We work out in shorts, tanks tops and bare feet. High heels are not allowed at Aerial Dance. Leave all your jewelry at home. Bring a bottle of water.

NO! No matter what your worry (short, fat, old, out of shape, uncoordinated, etc) you can do Pole Exercise!!!! As long as you are medically cleared to do strenuous exercise, Pole is for you. All of our instructors have MULTIPLE fitness and aerial certifications so we can adapt moves to help you build strength no matter what level you start. The only thing that will stop you is fear, so come in and let’s help you get over that!

How often are you good at something the first time? Set realistic expectations! Pole is challenging. You may not be a world class athlete on the pole the first time you try. That’s ok! Keep trying! Keep practicing! You WILL see MAJOR improvements over the 8-week course. You WILL get stronger.  You WILL have your coordination and balance improve if you keep working at it. We give you 8 practices to use in addition to your 8 classes, so use them, make all 16 visits in the 8-weeks and see how far you can progress on your journey! You are not expected to be “good” because then you wouldn’t need us to teach you! We do expect you to try and we’ll help you get “good”.

NO! If you wanted to go the gym you’d already be there. You aren’t there, you’re looking for a different type of fitness. So come and do Pole. You WILL gain the strength you need to do Pole by DOING POLE. Many of us (including owner Paula) couldn’t lift our body weight when we started. We started Pole and now we can. The time it takes to get to fully lift your body weight off the ground will vary by physical composition and conditioning when you start, but by starting, you’ll get there! And our sequential curriculum has been designed to build muscle strength and joint stabilization in a healthy and efficient way. So come and START YOUR POLE JOURNEY!

You’re right, with that attitude you can’t. But if you decided to try it. You WOULD succeed.

What do you think you could never do? Some crazy trick you saw on Instagram? Well, she couldn’t do it when she started either. She practiced and worked at it. Everyone starts as a Beginner, so do that and see how many things you thought weren’t possible actually are.

Our insurance company would highly discourage that! Seriously, if people fell on their heads at our facility, we wouldn’t still be in business 6+ years after opening. When it is time for you to go upside down the first time, you’ll be ready to do so and you’ll succeed. We do not allow students to invert in Beginners or Intermediate Pole; that skill is started in Advanced, usually after you’ve been working out with a Pole for 6 months. Why? So that you have built the correct strength to properly lift yourself to an inverted position. That’s the beauty of our sequential Pole Program!

When you are READY to invert, our instructors are HIGHLY trained to spot you. We practice spotting techniques for 90 minutes a week. We’re excellent at keeping you safe. We also have high quality crash mats at the studio if a trick warrants it in addition to spotting. So no, you will not fall on your head on our watch.

So? Come any way? You’ll make new friends in your classes. And when you start showing pictures of your sweet Pole skills your friend will be sad she let her fear stop her from trying it with you and then she’ll finally get up the courage to start herself.

Most of our students are nervous the first (and sometimes a few) time(s) they step foot in the studio. It’s natural to be nervous or scared when trying something new. You’ll be in good company of like-minded women in your Beginner Class. You’ll all support each other and get over your fears together. Our instructors are kind and caring and will help you feel comfortable.

Great! Call us at 920-750-1441. We’d love to answer any questions you have!