Learn spins, transitions, and poses with proper muscle engagement in an 8-week class that meets one hour per week. Work up a sweat with fun cardio dance sequences as you learn how to move with a pole as you partner. Have your own pole for the entire hour workout!

All our Beginner Pole classes have a maximum of 9 ladies, so you have your own pole the entire class and a LOT of individual attention! You’ll learn:


Build Strength! In Beginner Pole you’ll learn a number of conditioning moves on and off the pole that will increase your grip strength, shoulder strength and core strength. Many of these turn into tricks once you have the strength to take them in the air.


Spins are the foundation of Pole. In Beginner Pole you’ll learn approximately 25 spins and spin variations. We’ll be focusing on proper muscle engagement during spins to build a solid foundation for your pole journey!  In addition, we teach some “tricks” in Beginner Pole! You’ll start to desensitize your skin by learning to sit and stand on the pole, among other things.


Transitions are what segues between tricks and spins. This is how you tell a story, form a dance and move beautifully! You’ll learn over 50 different transition moves in Beginner Pole.


Every class will begin with a warm-up; we vary the style of our warm-ups so you are exposed to different styles of Pole Exercise during your Beginner Pole Course. For example, one week we made do a “Vertical Barre” style of warm-up that is very cardio based while another week we may do a “Pole Flow” style of dance that will warm you up using slow, controlled and graceful movements.

Learn a ROUTINE!

Yes, by the end of the course you will be able to dance a mini-routine. We take transitions and spins you’ve learned during a class and add a little bit of choreography every week. The result is a great cardio workout and a clear indicator of how far you’ve come.


Flexibility and strength go hand in hand, so we spend approximately 10 minutes at the end of every class strengthening. The pole is a fantastic tool for stretching!


$160 for all eight weeks. In addition to your weekly class, Beginner Pole includes eight pole practices during the term, for a total of 16 visits. Become an Aerial Dance member for even more options. This is a 8-week class that meets one hour per week. If you cannot attend a week, you have the option to make it up during the 8-week term; just cancel with appropriate notice and find an open pole in another class.

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