Pole exercise is LOTS of fun and a fantastic workout. The Aerial Dance curriculum is designed to teach you the art of pole in a safe and fun way.  These classes combine strength and cardio while teaching you all aspects of pole fitness.

Pole classes at Aerial Dance are held by ability level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Extreme. Classes meet one hour a week at our Appleton studio for eight weeks. The cost for a 8-week term is $180, unless booking Beginner Pole or registering for upper levels during the “Early Bird Discount” when the price is $160, and includes 8 practice sessions where you choose one of our instructor supervised practice sessions each week to work on your skills and have an extra workout. Courses start every 8 weeks. If you want to try Pole before signing up for an 8-week course, try one of our Intro To Pole classes! Or sign-up for an 8-week adventure of Beginner Pole FUN!

Beginner Pole

The first class in our pole fitness sequence. Build strength! Learn spins, transitions, and poses with proper muscle engagement.  Work up a sweat with fun cardio dance sequences as you learn how to move with your Pole as a partner. Have your own pole for the entire hour workout!  On average a student is in Beginner Pole for 1-2 “terms”. Learn more about Beginner Pole.

Advanced Pole

Building on the strong foundation you’ve learned and strength you’ve gained, now it is time to take it upside down! Go upside down! Learn basic inverts, laybacks and leg hangs.  Work up a sweat with cardio dance sequence and continue to work on your spins and climbs. Have your own pole for the entire hour class. Advanced Pole has two Levels (1 & 2) so you can take your time mastering your tricks!

Intermediate Pole

The second class builds on what you’ve learned in Beginner Pole and takes it to new heights, literally!  Climb the pole! Learn combination spins, poses on the pole and multiple ways to climb.  Work up a sweat with fun dance sequences and continue to build your strength. Have your own pole for the entire hour class.  On average a student is in Intermediate Pole for 2-3 “terms”.

Extreme Pole

You are an awesome pole dancer, so let’s do some crazy hard and fantastic aerial inverts! Defy gravity! Learn repels, crazy awesome tricks, and execute long aerial sequences.  Continue to build on your climbs and spins.  Work up a sweat with fun dance sequences and test your endurance with pole combinations. Have your own pole for the entire hour class.  This class is very individualized to the student’s flexibility and strengths.