Phase One Instructions for Students

We are excited to resume in-person classes. In light of the global pandemic, Aerial Dance has put an extensive plan in place focusing on student safety. We are asking our students to take the following steps when coming to and being at the studio to help us all create a safe and positive environment. Please read the entire document below before attending your first class. If you have any questions, ask. We can’t wait to see you back!

Do not come to the studio if:

  • If you feel ill or are exhibiting any symptoms (coughing, sneezing, fever, etc.)
  • If you have been in contact with anyone suspected of COVID-19 in the last 14 days
  • If you have been traveling anywhere high risk in the last 14 days

Log Into PSM:

  • Sign the “updated” waiver.
  • Sign the “COVID polices – phase one” (which is this document) showing you understand the temporary procedures in place for your safety.
  • Be registered in advance for any class you plan to attend.

Before coming to the studio:

  • Take your temperature at home before coming to the studio. If your temperature is over 100.4° do not come to the studio.
  • Change into your clothes for class at home. Only change at the studio if it is absolutely necessary.
  • Pair down what you plan to bring into the studio to the essentials. Limit the number of bags and stuff you bring to the studio.
  • For Fitness classes, bring your own yoga mat or a large clean towel to cover one of our mats. (Aerial Conditioning, Bendy Babe, etc.)
  • Bring a notebook and pencil if you wish to record anything.
  • Bring a plastic bag for your mask!

When Arriving at the studio:

  • Wait in your car until 5 minutes before your class start time.
  • Put your mask on in your car.
  • ALL classes will have separate entrances and exits!!!! Check the schedule on FB so you know which door to enter.
    • Appleton:
      • Front Pole – normal entrance
      • Aerial Studio – park in back and use the door into the hallway
      • Dance Studio – park in back and use the glass door
      • Back Pole Studio – drive around the side of the building and enter directly in that studio
    • Green Bay:
      • Pole Studio – normal entrance
      • Aerial Studio – walk around side of building and enter directly into that studio
    • When you arrive, wait in your car until your entrance door is propped open. This is your signal that you may enter, but if you are early, wait until you see students leaving!
    • Take off your shoes and put them on the mat but KEEP YOUR SOCKS ON.
    • Take off your coat and hang it.
    • Use the hand cleaning station directly at your entrance – choose hand sanitizer or a hand wipe.
    • Grab micro fiber towels for your personal use as follows:
      • 2 micro fiber towels if you are taking a pole class or aerial class
      • 1 micro fiber towel for all other classes
    • Proceed into the teaching studio for your class.

When entering the teaching studio for class:

  • Do not grab your card, we will not be using cards for the first few weeks back.
  • Pick your apparatus, pole, or floor space for class. You will stay very close to this area the whole time you are in the teaching studio.
  • For Pole, an alcohol bottle will be at the base of the pole. Use the time before class to spray one of the towels with alcohol and clean the pole, then the floor, of your area. (The student before you just did this….but why not do it again!). Set that towel aside and use the other towel during all of class.
    • After you have cleaned around your pole, take off your socks.
  • For Hoop: spray the towel then wipe down your hoop and the crash mat; then set it aside and use the other towel during all of class.
  • For Hammock & Silks: spray the towel and wipe down the crash mat, then set it aside and use the other towel throughout class to wipe your hands.
  • For Fitness classes – use your own yoga mat from home or bring a large towel to cover one of our mats. If you forgot a towel you can rent one for $5 for the class.
  • Take off your mask and put it in the plastic bag you brought.

During Class:

  • All classes will be 50 minutes in length to allow additional cleaning time and so one group of students can leave the building before the next group arrives.
  • You will have your own pole in all Pole Classes, as usual.
  • For Hoop, Hammock & Silks classes, you will have your own apparatus during the entire class.
  • If you need rosin during a Hammock or Silks class, ask the instructor to spray your hands.
  • Keep on socks when possible for aerial and fitness classes.
  • If you go to the bathroom during class, put on your socks and mask to walk through the hallways.
  • If you cough or sneeze during class, use a tissue, then revisit the hand sanitizing station; if you need to do this more than once during class, please terminate your visit for the day.

At the end of Class:

  • Your instructor will go and prop open the door, signaling the end of class.
  • For Pole, spray your towel and wipe down your pole, then the spray bottle, then the floor.
    • Place the alcohol bottle, after you wipe it down, at the base of the pole.
  • For Aerial, wipe down your crash mat with alcohol and towel.
    • Place the alcohol bottle, after you wipe it down, at the next to the mat.
  • For Fitness classes please follow the instructions of your instructor at the end of class.
  • Put on your socks and mask to leave the teaching studio.
  • Put your used towels in the basket on the way out, located by the hand sanitizing station.
  • Please leave the building quickly after your class.
  • Showering at the studio is not available during this time.
  • If you are taking two classes in a row you will need to leave the building and wait in your car for five minutes. Then go to the correct door for your new class.

A few notes:

  • Initially, we will be only offering “Beginner” level aerial classes as students work their way back.
  • There will be NO sharing of any apparatus during this time.
  • Hammock & Silks classes will alternate days so we have ample time to disinfect fabric before the next class.
  • We will not be doing Gold Star Girl during this time but will resume it soon!
  • There will be no spotting in classes or practices the first few weeks back. (When we resume spotting in a few weeks you will get more information about what to expect)
  • Clothing sales are possible at the studio but you cannot try on items at this time.


Appleton Studio

1871 N. Silver Spring Drive
Appleton, WI 54913

Green Bay Studio

1601 Lawrence Drive
De Pere, WI 54115