Come Fly! Learn Aerial Silks in this 8-week course and celebrate all you’ve mastered with a professional photoshoot on Silks!

This two hour class meets once per week for 8 times and will teach you lots of fun tricks and combinations in the air on Aerial Silks. You’ll gain strength, flexibility and confidence. Our 9th meeting will be at Debbie Daanen Photography in Appleton where we’ll take professional photos of you on the Aerial Silks! Included in the cost of the course is one Facebook ready picture file!

This program is open to young ladies between the ages of 9-17. Classes start on September 15th and runs every Saturday from 12:10 – 2:10 pm (EXCEPT October 6) until the photoshoot on November 17th. Cost for the entire program, including 16 hours of aerial silks training and the sitting fee for the photoshoot and one photo file, is $385.

Call 920-750-1441 to register!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take this class?

This class is open to young ladies ages 9-17. If you are outside this age range, please contact us for other options.

What should I wear?

You will want to wear leggings and a tank top. Bring a light long sleeve form fitting shirt as well. All clothing should be free of zippers, rhinestones and anything sharp.

How many ladies are in class?

The maximum course size is 8 so you will have a LOT of time on the silks and attention from our excellent instructors.


All classes will be TWO hours in length. This provides you the opportunity to truly master the material presented by including time to review and time to learn new tricks every week! The curriculum is sequential and builds on skills at a pace that will be fun yet challenging.


Each class will start with a warm-up, usually using the aerial hammock. Then you’ll learn a number of conditioning moves on and off the silks to increase your grip strength, shoulder strength and core strength. Many of these exercises will turn into tricks once you have the strength to take them in the air.


Learn tons of cool tricks. Be introduced to a trick in one week, then continue to master it over the course. With 16 hours of training time we expect to cover over 30 tricks!!!!!! You’ll also learn how to combine moves to make in-air sequences and create mini-dances.


Every class will end with stretching. We will often use the hammock in an “aerial yoga” style to increasing range of motion using proper techniques to avoid over-stretching. Active flexibility will be the focus so you can lift your leg in the air into your gorgeous silks shapes.


Pose in the aerial silks for gorgeous professional photos!

On November 17th we will head to Debbie Daanen Photography for a special photoshoot for all our Girls Adventure attendees. We will setup the Aerial Dance free standing aerial rig with silks. There will be a gorgeous background and professional lighting. Our instructors will help you get into the tricks learned over the 8-weeks and position you for the best looking photos. Included in the cost of the program is the photoshoot sitting AND one Facebook ready digital file of your favorite image. All other images can be purchased at special rates for our students.


The Instructors at Aerial Dance hold multiple Fitness & Aerial certifications. They have extensive professional training on Aerial Silks. And our instructors enjoy working with young ladies and have a lot of experience writing programs for youth!


Instructor Olivia holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art Performance and Choreography where she studied over 136 hours of coursework in Dance technique and Methods in Dance Education for ages K-12. While receiving her degree Olivia taught dance in public and private schools for a variety of age groups. She has been performing for 14 years and teaching for 6. In association with her Dance and Education experience she also holds certifications as a personal trainer, and as a certified group exercise instructor.

Olivia will be teaching at Aerial Dance Appleton.


Instructor Kim is a Wisconsin State certified teacher who teaches middle and high school students. She has choreographed the school musicals and has coached young ladies of all ages from middle school through college in various sports like cheerleading and dance team (and volleyball and basketball!) She brings a Virtus training knowledge to Aerial Dance in addition to having a beginner silks instructor certification from the Atlanta Circus Arts Institute.

Kim will be teaching at Aerial Dance Green Bay.


This 8-week course includes 16 hours of training time on the apparatus with our outstanding and highly qualified instructors. On week 9 we will meet at Debbie Daanen Photography in Appleton for a professional photoshoot. The sitting fee and a single image as a Facebook ready print file is included in your registration! The totally cost is $385.

Call 920-750-1441 to register!