Who takes Aerial Dance Classes?

Women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and experiences! Any woman can take Aerial Dance as long as she is not pregnant and is medically cleared to participate in the activity. Having fun and being healthy is not age prohibitive. You don’t need strength to start Aerial Dance. We will work with you at your current fitness level and as you increase in strength our instructors will adapt the curriculum to suit your needs.

What should I wear?

Leave all your jewelry at home, especially rings, because they damage the equipment.

  • For Pole Classes: we work out in shorts, tanks tops and bare feet. High heels are not allowed at Aerial Dance.
  • For Aerial Classes: we work out in leggings and tank tops. Please make sure there are no zippers, rhinestones or anything sharp on your clothing.

What if I miss a pole class?

Aerial Dance understands busy schedules! We offer a very flexibly make-up policy. If you need to miss a class cancel via the online system at least 4 hour before the class start time. Then choose a class with an open pole, of a similar or lower level, that suits your schedule to make it up. You are always welcome to attend a practice to get caught-up.

What if I miss an aerial class?

Aerial Dance understands busy schedules! We offer a very flexible make-up policy. If you need to miss an aerial class, cancel via the online system at least 4 hour before the class start time. All our aerial classes are “drop-in” so as long as you cancel a minimum of 4 hours before there is no penalty for cancelling.

What does a typical class involve?

Aerial Dance classes are one hour long once a week and include a thorough warm up, core conditioning and cool down in addition to the main class component, learning “pole skills”. The type of “pole skills” learned depends on the level and can include transitions, spins, climbs, inverts or hangs. All pole skills are practiced on both sides to create symmetry in the body. The final component of an Aerial Dance class is to combine the “pole skills” into a mini dance sequence; learn new choreography every week (all choreography is also done on both sides) and at the end of the course be able to free dance with all your new skills

What are levels? How do I advance from one level to the next?

At Aerial Dance we pride ourselves on teaching you pole in an effective and safe manor. For this reason, students are broken down into four ability levels.

  • Beginner Pole: the first class in our pole fitness sequence. Build strength! Learn spins, transitions, and poses with proper muscle engagement. Work up a sweat with fun cardio dance sequences as you learn how to move with your Pole Partner. Have your own pole for the entire hour workout! On average a student is in Beginner Pole for 8-16 weeks. Register for Beginner Pole classes online!
  • Intermediate Pole: the second class builds on what you’ve learned in Beginner Pole and takes it to new heights, literally! Climb the pole! Learn combination spins, poses on the pole and multiple ways to climb. Work up a sweat with fun dance sequences and continue to build your strength. Have your own pole for the entire hour class. On average a student is in Intermediate Pole for 16-32 weeks.
  • Advanced Pole: building on the strong foundation you’ve learned and strength you’ve gained, now it is time to take it upside down! Go upside down! Learn basic inverts, laybacks and leg hangs. Work up a sweat with cardio dance sequence and continue to work on your spins and climbs. Have your own pole for the entire hour class. On average a student is in Intermediate Pole for 32-64 weeks.
  • Extreme Pole: you are an awesome pole dancer, so let’s do some crazy hard and fantastic aerial inverts! Defy gravity! Learn repels, crazy awesome tricks, and execute long aerial sequences. Continue to build on your climbs and spins. Work up a sweat with fun dance sequences and test your endurance with pole combinations. Have your own pole for the entire hour class. This class is very individualized to the student’s flexibility and strengths.

What is a “Membership” and what if I want to switch?

All of our Flexibility & Conditioning classes, like Fabric Fit and Vertical Barre, do not require memberships. You can drop-in or purchase a 5-pack. Pole, however, requires cumulative strength to be safe, so ALL pole exercise classes run in 8-week terms and have two membership options:

  • Pole Member: This is for the woman who is primarily interested in Pole! These memberships run for 8-weeks during a pole term (a pole term is an 8-week pole class). A Pole Member receives one Pole class per week and eight Pole Practices to use during the term.
  • Aerial Member: This is the membership for the woman who wants Aerial Dance to be her primary workout facility! In addition to one pole class a week, Aerial Members receive unlimited Pole Practices, unlimited Flexibility & Conditioning classes and lots of other perks. There is a 6-month contract or 12-month contract available.

You can become an Aerial Member at any time! You can upgrade during a Pole Membership (during an 8-week Pole Term after initial Pole Membership payment was processed) to an Aerial Membership and your remaining Pole Membership balance will be credited to your second Aerial Membership payment.

What makes Aerial Dance special?

At Aerial Dance you always have your OWN POLE for the entire hour fitness class. We also use spinning poles that have a small diameter which makes them easier for fitness and spinning. The Aerial Dance curriculum was written by Paula Brusky, PhD who specializes in injury prevention for musicians; she has taken her knowledge of musician health and incorporated it into our curriculum. This means not only will you have a lot of fun and gain strength, you’ll also be doing it in a safe environment that emphasizes injury prevention.

Do I need to be coordinated or have previous dance experience?

Not at all! All of the Aerial Dance instructors hold multiple fitness certifications to work with you at your level. Most of our instructors had limited dance experience before starting pole. Our progressive course structure allows you the opportunity to grow at your own speed and be appropriately challenged at all times.

Can men do Aerial Dance?

Yes! Classes are strictly one gender, but if there is enough interest Aerial Dance is prepared to offer a men only class. Men can arrange a pole party or private lesson at anytime. We do offer a co-ed Fabric class, check the schedule and come Fly with us!

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