Company Health & Safety during the COVID-19 Pandemic – Phase 2

At Aerial Dance your safety has always been our priority, never has that been more important than now during the global COVID-19 Pandemic. We know there is a lot of fear and uncertainty about where you should or shouldn’t be going as the state reopens. We cannot promise a 100% virus-free environment, but what we can do is tell you all the steps we’ve taken as a company, the products we are using, and the procedures in place to limit the chances. Details below offer full transparency to the Aerial Dance policy so you can make your own educated decision on whether to attend classes.

These policies have been crafted with the recommendations from: Badger Bounce Back Plan; CDC & WHO guidelines; “General Guidance for All Businesses” and “Gym Fitness Facilities” guidelines by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation; Outagamie & Brown County Health Department suggestions; and extensive research for our specific types of activities.

This webpage will be updated as we go through the phases of our comprehensive plan, we are currently in Phase 2. This information was last updated on: June 19, 2020.

General Changes:

  • All class times will be 50 minutes to allow one group of students to leave the building and another group to arrive to limit student contact.
  • Gold Star Girl is suspended during phase 2.
  • Comments & Suggestions boxes will not be out during phase 2, please email us your comments.
  • Students will be wearing masks when entering and exiting the facility.
  • Showering at the studio will not be available during phase 2.
  • Bathrooms are available but we are requesting students change before coming to the studio if at all possible.
  • The Fitness studios will not be used for group classes during this time.
  • If taking a fitness class that uses a yoga mat students will be asked to bring their own mat or a large clean towel to cover one of our mats. If not possible, students can rent a clean towel for $5. This does not apply to pole or aerial classes, which will cease doing on floor conditioning during this time. This applies to Aerial Conditioning, Bendy Babe, etc. 

Entry Changes:

To maximize social distance, Aerial Dance will be using external doors for every teaching space for students to gain entry. This will mean only students in a class will have contact in the same room. Students will wear masks when entering and exiting the facility and in hallways where we cannot control social distance.

All entry doors will be propped open when it is time to enter so students do not need to touch common surfaces

At each entrance, Aerial Dance has installed coat/purse hooks. There is also a rug and shoe rack.

All entries have a “sanitizing station” where subtends will have the option of hand sanitizing gel or a wipe. Students are asked to use one before departing the entry area and going into the teaching space.

Appleton Entrances:

  • Front Pole – normal entrance
  • Aerial Studio – park in back and use the door into the hallway
  • Dance Studio – park in back and use the glass door
  • Back Pole Studio – drive around the side of the building and enter directly in that studio

Green Bay Entrances:

  • Pole Studio – normal entrance
  • Aerial Studio – walk around side of building and enter directly into that studio

General Cleaning Procedures:

  • While students were away, we deep cleaned both facilities.
  • Our studios are professionally disinfected by Clean Image Janitorial.
  • All microfiber towels are washed on hot with bleach after each use.
  • Aerial Fabrics (silks & hammocks) are sprayed with disinfectant spray after use. During phase 2, fabrics will be sprayed 2 separate times with disinfectant before next student use.
  • Hoops, Poles, the floor, and crash mats are cleaned with 70% isopropyl alcohol after each use. And multiple times during class too.
  • At the end of each night, the floor around the poles will be disinfected with Clorox Scentiva mop wipes.
  • All common surfaces are cleaned between classes using 70% isopropyl alcohol or a sanitizing wipe.

Pole Program Changes:

  • There will be NO sharing of any apparatus during this time.
  • Doubles pole is not allowed during phase 2.
  • All Pole Classes will be limited to 8 students and 1 instructor.
  • Every pole will have a bottle of alcohol to use (no sharing alcohol bottles).
  • When entering the building, all pole students will pick up two
    microfiber towels;
    1. will be used to wipe down the floor and pole with 70% isopropyl
      alcohol before and after class
    2. will be for personal use during class
  • During phase 2 we will be spotting students using a red, yellow or green card system which allows both student and instructor to assess their comfort level with close proximity. For full information on spotting procedures please read this article.

Aerial Program Changes:

  • There will be NO sharing of any apparatus during this time.
  • Doubles tricks will not be allowed during phase 2.
  • All Aerial Classes will be limited to 6 students for Hoop & Silks and 7 students for Hammock plus 1 instructor.
  • Only one class at a time will be in the aerial studio.
  • When entering the building all aerial students will pick up one microfiber towels to wipe down the crash mat (and hoop) with 70% isopropyl
  • Every aerial apparatus will have a bottle of alcohol to use next to the crash mat (no sharing alcohol bottles).
  • Rosin will available by asking the instructor to spray your hands.
  • Aerial Fabrics will be sprayed 2 times with disinfectant before next student use.
  • During phase 2 we will be spotting students using a red, yellow or green card system which allows both student and instructor to assess their comfort level with close proximity. For full information on spotting procedures please read this article.
  • Students will need to choose ONE apparatus for use during Aerial Practices.

Fitness, Dance & Flexibility Changes:

  • Classes may be live streamed to online students while the in person class is taking place.
  • If taking a Fitness or Flexibility class in person students, are required to bring their own mat or a clean large towel to cover one of our mats. Students may rent a towel from the studio for $5.

Private Events & Parties

Private parties will enter the front door of the building unless specifically told otherwise. They will also be able to choose to have two friends per apparatus if they wish to share with someone they are already in contact with; this will be discussed when making the event registeration. 

Air Quality & HVAC systems:

One of the top CDC concerns for COVID-19 transmission is droplets in the air. Having a lot of fresh air in enclosed spaces greatly reduces the risk. Therefore, we have spoken with HVAC specialists to optimize the amount of external air coming into all studios. The fans will be running during all classes to bring in fresh air. All air filters have been replaced and will be cleaned or replaced with greater frequency. 


Aerial Dance is extremely lucky to have a formulation scientist on staff! She’s smart and knows about chemicals and what works for killing viruses. With her guidance and the help of our professional cleaning company, Clean Image Janitorial, we have sourced the following products for cleaning the studio. Ingredient lists and safety data are linked below.

Aerial Dance reserve the right to modify and update these procedures as more information becomes available about the virus. If a specified product is not available, it can be swapped out with a similar product with no notice.

Testing, Tracing & Notifications:

At some point during the pandemic someone within the Aerial Dance community will test positive for COVID-19 and will have been at the studio in the past 14 days. This is how we will respond to that situation.

Close Contact, as defined by the DHS, is:

  • direct physical contact with the person (eg: hug, kiss, handshake)
  • were within 6 feet of the person for more than 15 minutes with face-to-face contact
  • had contact with the person’s respiratory secretions (eg: coughed on, shared drinking glass, shared towel)

Additional Aerial Dance specific Close Contact:

  • spotting where instructor’s hands were not sprayed with alcohol before and after contact

Based on the “close contact” parameters, our normal classes are not “close contact” and full student groups will not be notified in the case of a positive test.

Student notifies us that she is getting tested:

  • Student will be asked the following information:
    • When was your suspected exposure to COVID-19-19, what date? Or are you getting tested because you have symptoms today but no known exposure to someone with COVID-19?  (we will cross check dates to our attendance records)
    • Did you take your temperature before attending Aerial Dance and did not have a temperature all days attended in the last 14 days? 
    • Were you asymptomatic when attending Aerial Dance?
    • Did you come in close contact with any students or instructors?
  • Aerial Dance will disinfect any studios she was in
  • Any fabrics touched by the student will be washed immediately, regardless of the wash cycle
  • The student is not eligible to attend the studio until she has had a negative COVID-19 test result.
    • If COVID-19 test was because of known exposure to someone with COVID-19, student cannot return to Aerial Dance for 14 days from suspected exposure date regardless of test result

Student notifies us that her test result was positive:

  • An email notification will be sent to anyone she came in “close contact” with and has the potential of exposure.
  • All instructors that had that student in class during 14 day prior to test will be notified.
  • The student is not eligible to attend the studio until after they have a negative COVID-19 test result and she is cleared to return by medical professional.


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