Aerial Dance wants to empower you through the Aerial Arts! We offer a robust sequential Pole Exercise program in addition to drop-in Aerial classes on 3 apparatus (Hammock, Hoop and Silks). We have daily Flexibility & Conditioning classes as well, so no matter what your fitness goals we can support you. Not sure where to begin? Try either of our “Intro” classes to get a taste of the Aerial Arts. See upcoming “Intro” class times and register via our online booking site, MindBody.

You do NOT need to take any intro class before registering for a Pole Exercise course, any hammock class or any Flexibility & Conditioning class. Please take “Intro to Aerial” before registering for a Hoop Foundation or Silks Foundations class.

Intro Classes
Intro To Pole

Try Pole Exercise! This one-hour, one-time class brings you three different styles of Pole Exercise. You’ll learn spins and transitions from Beginner Pole (a great way to try it before registering for an 8-week course), work up a sweat with cardio pole from Vertical Barre and create a fluid dance with Pole Flow! Spots are limited to 8 so you have your own pole the entire hour. Cost for this 60 minute class is $25.

You are NOT required to take this class before registering for an 8-week pole course! This is just an opportunity for those who desire to try it before committing to a course.

Intro To Aerial

Try three aerial apparatus in this 90-minute class! You’ll start by using an Aerial Hammock for warm-up and strength training then proceed to the Aerial Hoop to create a beautiful sequence before returning to the Hammock for a fun tricks sequence. Aerial Silks will be introduced and you’ll learn cornerstone skills before concluding on the Hammock to stretch. Cost for this 90-minute class is $35; current Pole Members receive a $10 discount.

You are required to take this class before registering for Hoop Foundation or Silks Foundation. You can register for Fabric classes (Hammock) at any time without taking this class. This class gives you a preview of all the different types of aerial we offer so you can select the best class for your needs.