Flexibility & Conditioning Classes

Our Flexibility & Conditioning classes will give you a killer workout and will help your pole and aerial skills grow! Class curricula change daily so there is always a new challenge and exciting workout. All of these classes can be taken as a “drop-in” for $25, or buy a 5-class punch card for $100.  Become an Aerial Member for 6 or 12 months for HUGE savings and unlimited Aerial, Flexibility & Conditioning classes! See upcoming class times and reserve a spot via our online booking site.

Aerial Conditioning

Improve your functional strength, shoulder stability and tone your body for the Aerial Arts. Use multiple apparatus including stall bars, stability balls, kettlebells, and resistance bands to condition your muscles. Work out structures and activities change daily so you’re always challenged and interested. Make your aerial tricks effortless by increasing your strength!

Bendy Babe

Improve your overall flexibility and reduce risk of injury. Focus on improving your splits, increasing your back arch and gaining shoulder range of motion. Multiple techniques will be used including fascia release, foam roller and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation so you will get results. Extend your lines and make your aerial tricks beautiful!

Vertical Barre

This low impact, high energy class will get your heart pumping. Sweat out calories, tone your body, and increase your strength! Use your own pole the entire hour to tone your abs, butt, and legs with the aid of resistance bands and new movements every week in this class you’ll love to burn through.

Pole Flow

Develop strength and grace for smooth transitions from floor to pole by promoting core stability and body control. Improve creativity and comfort with free dances. Learn a choreographed fluid dance sequence that will give you a great cardio workout. No prior pole experience needed.

Core & Flow

Learn how to apply core strength and balance to your dance movements and floor work. Improve creativity and comfort with free dances. Learn a choreographed fluid floor dance sequence that will give you a great ab and cardio workout.

Co-Ed Pole Strength

Coming in Fall 2016!

Additional Options!

A number of our Aerial classes can also be considered “Flexibility & Conditioning” classes!

Fabric Flexy

Use an Aerial Hammock to increase your flexibility. Incorporate deep stretching in basic inverts, as well as in-depth leg and hip stretching using the hammock as a tool. This is our version of “Aerial Yoga”. No Prerequisites! 

Fabric Fit

Use an Aerial Hammock to gain strength and flexibility. With elements of “Aerial Yoga” and “TRX” this fantastic workout improves balance and increases muscle tone.No Prerequisites!