Becoming a Gold Medalist

Yesterday at US Pole Sport Federation Nationals our very own Sarah took home the GOLD in the Pole Sport Amateur Division. This lady worked HARD. As competition season starts it's important to think about your goals for competing and if you truly want to win what it...

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You won't feel it, until you're in it

The past few months have been a whirlwind that is culminating with a BIG announcement on Tuesday (tomorrow) at 12:30pm. Since April 19 when I got a phone call with an interesting opportunity I have been battling FEAR. I've been terrified to jump off the cliff. To take...

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Friends matter

As women we have a million roles and the expectations of each is overwhelming. As kids one of those roles is that of friend. We came home from school and talked about what we did a recess with our friend. We made BFF bracelets and necklaces. We called our friend after...

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Anxious Thoughts and Brave Actions

“Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave.” — Mary Tyler Moore I remember hovering over the “complete order” button for a minute or two on December 31st, 2018, as my monkey...

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Change your mind, Change your body

Walking through the studio last week I heard two comments. "Chrissy is so strong" and (insert whiny voice here) "I hate this move" in relation to some type of conditioning exercise. And the disconnect between these two statements gave me pause. Chrissy is strong...

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Quiet Beauty and Abundant Grace!

Introducing Instructor Amber This past week I had the wonderful opportunity to interview one of our new instructors, Instructor Amber! It was great to sit down and get to know her a little bit better. At the beginning of her aerial journey, I had the privilege to meet...

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Helping out after the storms

This past weekend NE Wisconsin had a whole bunch of tornados, rain and high winds. How did we at Aerial Dance cope? Our Green Bay instructors Kelly & Lynn brought their classes in to our windowless staff room and had them do push-ups with crash mats on them during...

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Pedantic Progression

Pole is so exciting. You see this amazing move on Instagram and you just can't wait to try it! The problem is that in order to do pole safely you need to have a progression that gets you ready for whatever the move-du-jour is. And that is where your instructor comes...

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The necessary evil of policies

As a business owner there is one big thing I've learned in the 9 years my doors have been open and is the importance of policies. They make things clear. They make things consistent. And most importantly, they mean that I am still alive and haven't died of an ulcer....

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See You In The AM!

Getting Back To It! It has felt like years since I have set foot in the studio! This summer has gotten the best of me. Preaching to the choir I am sure! Who isn't busy this time of year? Next week summer school comes to an end, and I could not be happier! However, I...

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