A Student's Journey

The aerial arts are challenging! Many women want to try to fly but are afraid. We’ve asked students to document their journeys in this blog to demystify what life is like as an Aerial Dance student!

Paula's Journey

What is it like owning a dance studio? What are the challenges of educating the public and keeping everyone safe? Our owner’s blog will give you a behind the scenes look!

Meet Janelle! She began pole April 30, 2014 and is currently an “advanced” student who is just starting to play on the other aerial apparatus. She graduated from University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh and holds a Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education. She currently teaches within the Wisconsin Public School System.

Paula is the owner of Aerial Dance. She began pole in 2007, founded the company in 2010, and injured herself doing a Tough Mudder in 2013.  She’s now working her way back to the sport she loves.

Click the button below to read her blow about about her long and slow rehabilitation, being a pole instructor, training the instructors staff, being a member of the aerial community at large and being an accident prone aerialist!